Frontier PR1184 Power Rake for sale

Frontier 84" Power Rake (PR1184)

Frontier PR1184 Power Rake 

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Frontier 84" Power Rake (PR1184)

The Frontier PR11 Series Power Rake is as versatile as implements get.  The Power Rake is essentially 4 landscaping tools in 1 attachment.  It can be configured as a box blade for grading, a rear blade for smoothing and leveling, a landscape rake for collecting rocks and debris, and a pulverizer for crushing tough, compacted surfaces.

Regardless of soil/surface conditions, the Frontier Power Rake can be configured to manipulate the soil to your desired finish.  It is an especially efficient implement because all of its countless applications are accessible without wasting time on changing out attachments.  It also requires far less storage space compared to the 4 implements that it alone replaces.
The PR11 Series Power Rake is available in 48", 60", 72", and 84" widths to suit your tractor power and scale of application.
The 60" and 72" models are compatible with a Seeder Attachment, further reducing equipment, fuel, and labor costs.  The Seeder Attachment makes possible leveling, tilling, and seeding in just one pass.


Hydraulic controls allow easy adjustment from seat
Hydraulic Angle Adjustment
From the tractor seat, you can easily adjust the angle of the Frontier PR11 Series Power Rake for directing material by using the hydraulic controls. The steel frame offers excellent visibility of the work force.
Roll-back barrier Adjustable Pulverizer Settings
You can raise it to allow for larger particles and promote faster soil drying or you can lower it to break up clods and leave a smoother surface.

The barrier is stiff for pushing, yet flexible enough to allow damaging debris to pass.
End plate Adjustable End Plate for Ultimate Versatility
Put the end plate in the forward position and the power rake becomes a box blade to collect larger material for disposal.  Put the end plate in the storage position and the power rake becomes a rear blade, forming windrows of undesirable material and leveling the surface.
Carbide teeth Carbide Teeth Pattern Promote Moisture Retention
By striking the seedbed sub-base, the carbide teeth on Frontier's PR11 Series Power Rakes leave a fracture pattern that retains moisture. The carbide material provides long life and durability.


Equip. ModelSoil Prep and Tillage, Tractor Attachments, Landscaping, John Deere 2955 Parts
Horsepower Required42 HP
Mounting TypeCat. I 3-pt, Cat. II 3-pt
Product Info
Compatible EquipmentTractor
Intended UseResidential
Quick Hitch CompatibleiMatch Compatible
Working Width84"
Working Width (Max Angle)81"
Number of Tines132
Parking StandYes
Width, Overall (in.)93"
Height, Overall (in.)44"
Weight1260 lbs.
Residential Warranty1 Year Warranty
Commercial Warranty1 Year Warranty

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